I’m Tas Careaga Irazabal. I was born on June 20th, 1984 in Caracas, Venezuela. Barely a year into my life, my mom became ill and passed away. My father, my two brothers and I went back to our family origin, Bilbao, Spain. I didn’t grow up in the most common of environments. Thus, through these circumstances I became who I am today…

I have always had a curious and persevering attitude towards life, always pushing myself to be something more, to find something else. At 16 I lost my father. My brothers and I became orphans. Thanks to my family, especially my brothers, I found my path. I was self educated in multimedia design, and found a job in a design studio by 17. My first job gave me financial stability, and I was able to buy my first camera. With my dog, Tola, on one side, my skateboard on the other, and my camera on my back, I began a wonderful journey.

After three years working, I created TasLab, a multimedia design and advertising studio. Since 2004 I have poured sweat and passion into my projects, building a studio of growing reputation.

I am a restless photographer, spending my free time with a camera on my side, traveling the world whenever the chance comes along, and loving what I do everyday. Far more than just a job, I see the world as an artistic expression.